* Changed SMS keywords (2012.07.28 21:55)
Changed SMS keywords for Indonesia and Vietnam. If you need SMS keywords in other country please contact admin.

* Fixed styles (2012.07.15 17:27)
Fixed styles

* File storage (2012.06.19 20:19)
File storage fixed.

* New IP: (2012.06.17 03:07)
New server and new IP:

* "Add pluses to all users" (2012.02.15 17:13)
New function "Add pluses to all users", you can find this function in Modules->User information module->Add pluses to all users. :)

* Display random links as a list, Multi delete (2012.02.04 13:35)
New functions are Random links list, you can display random links as a list. Multi delete you can delete multiple elements at creator, also you can delete all elements at once. :)

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