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* Yourwap was acquired by Wapego - best FREE wap builder (2013.05.27 14:07)
We are glad to inform that Yourwap was acquired by Wapego.com – the best free mobile sites builder! Owners of Yourwap were going to close project as it was non-profitable. So Wapego team agreed to pay for servers and keep your sites alive. So your sites will stay alive, but Yourwap will be not upgraded by new features. We strongly recommend you to move to Wapego.com, as Wapego launched V2 few weeks ago. This new version makes Wapego the best and the most advanced mobile sites builder in the market. It includes many super features like: -Possibility to use own PHP and TWIG codes; -Full design customization of separate files and modules; -Addvanced social features (activities feeds like on Facebook, etc) -Unlimited space for your files; -Many cool features to keep your users loyal and motivated (bonus points for returning to sites every day like on Eskimi or Mobofree) and much much more!

* German language (2012.11.03 17:35)
Project translated into German.

* 1 email address = 1 site (2012.10.30 21:23)
Now one email address can have only one site.

* Azeri language added (2012.10.21 22:26)
Azeri language added.

* SMS keyword in Azerbaijan (2012.10.03 15:27)
Added SMS keyword in Azerbaijan

* Russian language (2012.09.29 21:26)
Project translated into Russian language

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